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  • How To Watch Live Sports Online with P2P4U Football

    There is a common problem that many sports fans have… they want to watch all their favorite sports and all their favorite teams but they don’t have the ability to do this on their television set.

    With the advance of technology and the internet sports fans are now able to watch all the live sports they want to with help from P2P4U football.  P2P4U football is a way that helps connect people who want to watch live sports with people who are streaming live sports, either online via the internet or through software applications that connection people P2P style (peer to peer).  This consists of one person streaming a sporting event from their home and one person receiving that streamed broadcast either through a website or through a P2P player.  Being able to watch football this way has become extremely popular and there are thousands of people who watch live sports using these two methods.

    What is needed to broadcast or stream live football?  First off you need to have access to the broadcast through your cable television stations.  You can then connect that output into an input that is connected to your computer.  P2P4U football recommends doing this either via HDMI cable or USB cable.  You can use RCA cables also but the quality is not as good.  Once you are connected you then need a platform to stream the football games through.  You can use either a P2P software, such as Streamtorrent, TVAnts, or Sopcast, or you can use a website that offers streaming capability.  The P2P software is what P2P4U football recommends because these are not moderated, while websites are moderated and sometimes they will take your stream down for a number of reasons.

    If you are a viewer who wants to watch live football online then you need to download these P2P software applications (they are all free).  Also, you need to know which websites offer streaming capabilities that the streamers are using.  This is more difficult because the trends change not even yearly, but by month.  What was popular last year (like Justin tv) is not popular this year (due to stream spammers on that site, along with Justin taking down many football broadcasts).  Once you understand which sites the streamers are using to stream the football games then you are in for a lot of enjoyment by watching all the live football that you want to.

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